Lindsy Marlina

Pregnancy Loss Coach

Look back at the loss of your child in a loving way. ♡

Feel peace & confidence again.

Feel lighter.

Experience gentle and effective guidance with powerful results in a short time.

No child is as present 

as the child who is not here.

You have come to the right place.

You are a mom, a dad, a parent ... even if your child is not in your arms.
You're left behind with a lot of grief and a lot of love, love that has no place to go.
No matter how early the loss ... how it happened ... how far along you were ... what age you were... Your loss matters, your child matters, you matter. Feel seen, heard and validated.

You have come to the right place. Where it's safe, gentle, personal and warm. A place of deep understanding. Don't be afraid to reach out for the help & support you deserve.♡ You don't have to do this alone....not anymore.

I am Lindsy and I am here for you ♡ We can do this together. Feel warmly welcome to contact me. I would love to talk to you!

Don't be afraid to reach out 

for the help and support 

you deserve.

Do you recognise yourself here

  • You feel it's time to give attention to your loss
  • You struggle with the grief, the pain, the guilt, the shame
  • It affects your emotional and mental wellbeing
  • It affects your relationships
  • You feel lonely, disconnected from yourself and others
  • You struggle at work
  • You and your partner handle the loss differently
  • Announcements of engagement, pregnancy, gender reveal, babyshower, birth, trigger you one way or the other
  • You're stressed and anxious for a new pregnancy or a new fertility treatment
  • You've already tried (self)help tactics on your own or other ways on and off the internet
  • You're sad and tired of still feeling this way

In working with me you will

  • look back at the loss of your child in a loving way without the sharp edges of the pain
  • find a way to integrate your loss; weave your loss into your life
  • forgive yourself
  • look at.. think of.. talk to..yourself in a loving way
  • heal emotionally and build resilience
  • feel seen, heard and validated
  • feel the connection
  • feel peace and confidence
  • feel lighter
  • experience gentle & effective guidance with powerful results in a short time
  • get back control and have energy again
  • -in your life,
  • -in your relationships,
  • -in your fertility journey,
  • -in your new pregnancy,
  • -in your work or business,
  • -in finding new meaning after loss

  • How would that feel for you? You deserve support & healing ♡

You don't have to this alone ...

not anymore. ♡

Maybe you're experiencing loss right now at this moment.. or it happened recently.. or maybe a long time ago. Maybe you’ve experienced more losses.

Perhaps you experienced loss through a miscarriage. Maybe a molar or ectopic pregnancy. Or loss of embryo’s in IVF. Maybe an abortion or tfmr. Perhaps stillbirth or half of a twin. Or infant loss. Maybe loss through surrogacy. Or another form of loss.. Or a combination..

I support all types of loss around pregnancy. I am here for you ♡ If you've felt like you can't get through this, know now that you can. With the right support, coaching and guidance, you can. The loss of a child is sensitive and precarious. This is my specialisation.

I would love to support you through the struggle, the pain, the grief and the trauma. Feel warmly welcome to contact me!

I would love to support you.

Finding the right words is a delicate thing. Because the right words are different and unique like the person whom it involves. So when I say pregnancy loss, this can be the loss of your child, the loss of your baby ...or other words that feel right for you. When I say child, this can be baby or angel..or other words that feel right for you. When I say child, there can be more children. I respect and honour the words that feel right for you. It's important. 

Feel seen, heard and validated. 

♡ Lindsy Marlina


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