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Pregnancy Loss Coach

When is your program for me?

When you've experienced the loss of your child and you know you want to give attention to your loss, my program is for you. No matter how early the it far along you were ... what age you were/are.. you are welcome in my coaching and guidance. Parents who choose to take matters of healing in their own hands find their way to me. So they can feel lighter and get back control in their life, in the next step. I would love to support you. Whether you decide to work with me or another professional, please ask if they have the specialisation you need.

What is the personal day in your coaching program?

The personal day is in-depth and puts the focus on your loss, your child and you. Whether I work with you as an individual or as a couple, the length of the personal day varies because your story is unique. My experiences with different clients is that it can vary from 3 to 5 hours when going through the gentle and effective steps, with breaks in between. And with powerful results and new insights.

Can I get compensation for coaching?

You can ask your health care insurance company and look into additional assurance. Some insurance companies might perhaps give compensation for personal coaching. Also, most employers provide/ invest in a personal development budget for employees nowadays. I can provide you with a discrete invoice if that helps. Sometimes coaching can be deducted from tax, ask the tax authorities in your country.

Is there a possibility for in-person coaching with you?

When we're in the same area and our health and the health regulations allow it, it's certainly possible. Feel welcome to schedule a call with me to explore this.

I already see a therapist or psychologist, can I still work with you?

Yes, you can. You can also talk about this with your therapist whether my specialised support might benefit you, perhaps alongside your therapy sessions. Perhaps your therapist or another professional you work with, also has the specialisation I have.

I'm already in a wonderful community specifically for my type of loss, what will your support add for me?

I cherish these safe and wonderful communities. The stories that are shared can give so much comfort. Sharing your own as well. Perhaps you sense that you need more.. or something else. In working with me you will have 1 one 1 support. The focus will be on you and your loss, no one else's. Whether you decide to work with me or another professional, please ask if they have the specialisation you need. And perhaps your community is all you need to feel supported and to heal. And that's okay and wonderful.

I'm about to start a (new) IVF treatment, is your coaching for me?

Yes, it is. It is very much underestimated what a decision to do IVF let alone going through IVF (again), does to a person, after loss. It's a lot and it can be traumatic even. I can help and support you. You will feel peace and confidence again and will go into your IVF treatment with a reframed mindset.

Do you help people who've experienced abortion or tfmr?

Yes, I do. What I know from my experience helping parents who've experienced this, is that they hurt too... Your loss and your feelings are real and valid. I am here for you too.

I'm pregnant now, can I work with you on the loss and grief?

Yes, we can work together safely.

Is your coaching lgbtq+ safe?

Yes, it is. No matter who you love, no matter how your journey to parenthood looks like, you're welcome in my coaching and guidance.

Are the steps in your program heavy?

You've already experienced the heaviest emotions the moment you learned you lost your child. The steps in my program are gentle and effective. They can sometimes be emotional. The loss of your child is sensitive and precarious. Should something traumatic come up, then I can help you with this as I'm trained and experienced to work with trauma, without you having to relive the trauma.

Do I need a referral letter to work with you?

No, you don't. Once you've scheduled your free discovery call with me, we can start soon.

Will you keep a file on me?

No, I won't. I don't keep a file on anything we talk about. When we work together it is confidential.

Do I get homework assignments?

No, I won't give you assignments. What happens is that my clients will come up with things themselves in the sessions, that add to a perhaps beautiful ritual or memory keepsake or another kind of meaningful action for them.

I live in another timezone, will that work?

If you have a device for skype/zoom and internet connection than I can support you. I work worldwide and adjust to your timezone. We'll find a way to make it work.

I’m interested in healing other parts of me, can I do this with you?

Yes, you can. Sometimes when faced with death, loss and grief, other parts of you, other parts of your life, from the past, from your childhood, come up to the surface. I'm equipped with the training, experience and tools to help you. You are welcome in my coaching. We can talk about continuing a tailored-to-you transformational coaching program, after having given attention to the loss of your child.

I can't find the answer to my question?

A discovery call is the way to have your question answered. In our call I would love to connect with you and discover how I can support you. Your story, your feelings and your questions deserve dedicated time and personal safe space. Which I can provide in a personal call. I'll be happy to help you with answers in the call. Feel welcome to schedule.

Compassion and kindness are what you deserve, 

from yourself.

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