1 on 1 Coaching individual/couple

Healing Emotional Resilience 

You are taking a courageous step towards the support and healing you deserve. ♡

When we work together the focus is on you, your loss, your child, your story. 

From a place of love and deep understanding, I am here for you. 

Experience gentle & effective guidance with powerful results in a short time.

I would love to talk to you!

Feel lighter.

1. Contact me

Don't be afraid to reach out for the help and support you deserve. Contact me and we'll schedule a free consultation telephone call.

2. Discover together

Your story, your feelings and your questions deserve dedicated time and personal safe space which I can provide in our call. Where I would love to connect with you, learn more about you and discover how I can support you. And where you can have a sense of me as a person as well and where you can have your questions answered. Have a look here for the most asked questions.

3. Working together

We've decided together it's a fit and it feels right. We'll plan your in-depth personal day, which takes about a half-day. After your personal day there is one more session of an hour to look back at that day and to see what else needs attention. This will be primarily through online connection on skype/zoom/teams. In a way that feels personal and warm. 

Feel peace & confidence again. 

Look back at the loss 

of your child in a loving way.

I've helped

  • someone wanting to manage the grief after almost 8 years
  • someone having tried various other things and now seeking specialised support 
  • someone struggling after having an abortion years ago
  • someone feeling alone in their grief trying to navigate the guilt and shame
  • someone feeling lonely in their grief whilst having a partner who handles it differently
  • someone trying to navigate through relationships with family members due to loss
  • someone trying to manage the trauma and pain from a miscarriage, a tfmr and a stillbirth
  • someone being newly pregnant and anxious, stressed and scared
  • someone experiencing recurrent losses and trauma of the fertility journey
  • someone having experienced a molar pregnancy and the medical struggles
  • someone struggling with the grief, ppd and ptsd after the birth of their rainbow baby
  • someone struggling with loss that happened over 30 years ago
  • someone grieving embryo loss and miscarriage in between ivf treatments
  • someone struggling with their loss they experienced when they were in their teenaged years
  • someone struggling with this being the end of their journey to parenthood and working through new emotions

* someone= mom/dad/parent/couple/family

Feel the connection.

In working together with me, you will

- Look back at the loss of your child in a loving way. ♡

- Feel peace & confidence again.

- Feel lighter.

- Experience gentle and effective guidance with powerful results in a short time.

Forgive yourself.

In honour of Love. Love for your child. Love for yourself.

You deserve forgiveness and healing.

♡ Lindsy Marlina


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