Lindsy Marlina

Professional, personal & warm ♡

It's my mission to lovingly 

help and support you.

My experience in service of others

People see me as a mom to one child, my firstborn. After my firstborn, I was pregnant multiple times and, very sadly, experienced multiple child losses. This changed me profoundly.

For a long time I tried to be strong and I pushed the feelings of grief and sadness away. Until I couldn't anymore and I was caught up by grief. 

In my search for emotional healing I found methods that helped me to integrate my losses, to weave them into my life. These brought me the peace and connection I needed. And then this helped me to be there, functioning in a better way for myself and also for my firstborn and for my partner. They experienced the same losses, in a different way then I had, but they lost too.

From the very first time I experienced loss and felt the indescribable emotional pain, something new emerged. A deep desire within me to help others with the same difficult, complicated emotions. I immersed myself professionally in the methods that brought powerful results in a short time. This is my specialisation.

Now I'm grateful and honoured that I get to help and support parents through the grief and the trauma. A cause that's very close to my heart.  From all I have learned and experienced I bring with me a deep understanding in my coaching, in a way that is professional, personal and warm. I am here for you. ♡

I bring with me 

a deep understanding.

I've helped

  • someone wanting to manage the grief after almost 8 years
  • someone having tried various other things and now seeking specialised support
  • someone struggling after having an abortion years ago
  • someone feeling alone in their grief trying to navigate the guilt and shame
  • someone feeling lonely in their grief whilst having a partner who handles it differently
  • someone trying to navigate through relationships with family members due to loss
  • someone trying to manage the trauma and pain from a miscarriage, a tfmr and a stillbirth
  • someone being newly pregnant and anxious, stressed and scared
  • someone experiencing recurrent losses and trauma of the fertility journey
  • someone having experienced a molar pregnancy and the medical struggles
  • someone struggling with the grief, ppd and ptsd after the birth of their rainbow baby
  • someone struggling with loss that happened over 30 years ago
  • someone grieving embryo loss and miscarriage in between ivf treatments
  • someone struggling with their loss they experienced when they were in their teenaged years
  • someone struggling with this being the end of their journey to parenthood and working through new emotions

* someone= mom/dad/parent/couple/family

I am here for you. 

My background in coaching, guidance & support

My experience in coaching, guidance, support and mentoring goes back for over more than 20 years. As a student I started with voluntary work, providing coaching and guidance to kids from primary to secondary school. Later in my work in education I was a coach to adolescents and a trainer to teacher-trainees. Besides that, I did various and continuous coaching work during the years, with different voluntary organisations. These concerned supporting people in informal care, mental health care, exchange students and host families. 

I've always known I want to help people. At a very young age I knew I wanted to be a medical doctor specialised in working with pregnant people and infants. And being a psychologist had my interest as well. Sometimes you plan things and then life happens. 

Close to me

If you'd ask people very close to me what my best characteristics are (and I really did ask them), they would say I'm loving, caring, steadfast and trustworthy.

Holding space.

Tu me manques... tu manques à moi 

You are the part of me that is missing.

♡ Lindsy Marlina 

Trainings and Certifications

Miskraambegeleiding Nederland - the Netherlands: Miscarriage and abortion coach -> the proven five-step program.  Training accredited by KNOV

Traumatic Birth Recovery College - United Kingdom: Supporting parents who've experienced the death of a baby or a miscarriage, with high levels of anxiety, panic and trauma symptoms. Training recognised and accredited by CPD Certification and by OCN London

Uncommon Knowledge - United Kingdom: 1. Uncommon Hypnosis. 2. Uncommon Hypnotherapy. 3. Rewind Technique. -> a gentle effective method for phobias, ptsd and Trauma, without reliving the trauma. Trainings accredited by the Hypnotherapy Association, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and by UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations

The Clique Academy - United Kingdom: 1. Life Coach. Training accredited by ICF i.t. ACC. 2. NLP Master Practitioner. Training accredited by ICF. 3. Life Coach Clique method. -> mindset/energywork-EFT tapping

Icoaching - the Netherlands: Systemic healing -> Systemic work and constellations in organisation, family- intergenerational, trauma, healing -> accredited hours by NOBCO


Panda - Australia: Perinatal Mental Health, Recovery after a traumatic birth

Breathwork, Meditation, Mindfulness

Before coaching I studied Medicine for a short year at KUL in Leuven-Belgium. Later I graduated in Mathematics at HU in Utrecht-the Netherlands. Also I graduated in Medical Informatics at UVA in Amsterdam-the Netherlands, therefore it's Drs. Lindsy or Lindsy MSc.

Investing in trainings, certifications and other new learnings is something I keep on doing. I love learning and growing in my own personal development. So that I can show up for you and be there for you in the way you deserve. Holding space.♡


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