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Perhaps it's nice to know that parents also find their way to me by referral. By people who know me personally or people who've worked with me and by professionals as well. Amongst them were a general practitioner, a midwife, a grief counselor, a systemic therapist, a life coach, a career coach and a Reiki coach. They referred to me with confidence. 

Feel welcome to contact me for more information and to get to know me. I'd love to help your patient/your client/your co-worker with my specialist coaching and guidance.

Perhaps it's also good to know that when you yourself need more, to give attention to the loss of your child, I am here for you too. ♡

Navigating the loss of your child at work is very difficult.

Keeping composure in these circumstances requires só much energy.

Compassion, kindness, awareness and real understanding are so important here.

♡ Lindsy Marlina


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