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You've just learned about your co-worker that they've experienced the loss of their child, which is deeply sad. You notice or you recognise, that they might be in need of help. 

Maybe they are slowly going in a burnout, perhaps they called in sick again. 

Know that this can be related to the loss of their child, no matter how long ago it happened.

Know that navigating pregnancy loss at work a hard thing is, to do.

Know that they can get help from a professional coach with specifically the specialisation they need. 

And so your co-worker is very welcome in my gentle & specialist coaching and guidance. Feel welcome to contact me!

Know that this can be related 

to the loss of their child, 

no matter how long ago

it happened.

Also know that you can help your co-worker by providing them with a personal development budget. They can use this for professional guidance and support. This can be written off; a tax-deduction in your business. Please inform yourself with the possibilities in your country.

If you’re an occupational physician it’s good to know that your client is very welcome in my specialist coaching & guidance. Feel free to refer to me. Know that this can be very helpful in returning to work.

How would you feel to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of your co-worker. To take care of your co-worker by referring them to the right and gentle kind of support and guidance with this specific type of loss. So they will feel healing and feel lighter in ways they hadn't before. And then they will be able to function again in their life, and also at work.

Explore how you can 

provide and invest in a

personal development budget

for your co-worker.

What can you do to help your co-worker? 5 things:

1. Ask in a gentle and compassionate way whether they might want help with their loss and grief.

2. Share with your co-worker.

3. Explore how you can provide and invest in a personal development budget for your co-worker.

4. Invite me in your work meeting/intervision where I'll gladly share 10 minutes of information.

5. Feel welcome to contact me at or +31638762338 or fill in the contactform below for more information.

When you yourself want to give attention to the loss of your child, know that my coaching and guidance is for you too. ♡

It's not only grief of the loss of this child.

It's grief of the loss of a life with this child.

It’s grief of the loss of all future milestones together.

♡ Lindsy Marlina


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